If you own an in-house trucking fleet then sure, it’ll have its benefits. However, could there be other, more practical reasons to outsource your heavy loading logistics to multiply the benefits instead? If you’re curious to know what they are or are finding running everything in-house an expensive logistical headache, then this post is for you.

There’s no doubt that transportation costs are going up every year and your business might end up leaking money if you keep handling your logistics in-house. This is why it’s worth checking out if outsourcing can save your company valuable time, reduce effort, and lower operational costs when trying to grow your business. When you outsource your heavy haulage tasks, you can focus on crucial business matters, including business growth and customer service without the hassle of running your own heavy haulage fleet at the same time.

Reasons why you should outsource heavy haulage

In this post, we’ve listed the most important reasons to outsource your heavy haulage tasks to a Third Party Logistics (3PL) company to streamline your business operations.

1) Reduced logistics liabilities

Running your own in-house logistics operation means dealing with all the hassles of handling carrier contracts, insurance certificates, safety ratings, and so on. Also, you have to manage all the paperwork yourself and solve any logistics-related problems that crop up. Outsourcing will help you reduce all these liabilities and help you run your business without any of these important matters eating up your day.

2) Low operating cost

Managing a single HGV or a fleet of them takes a substantial investment, including buying quality trucks, paying reasonable salaries to drivers, tracking delivery, getting parking spaces, cost of fuel, vehicle insurance, and much, much more. If you outsource, you needn’t worry about budgeting for these expenses as the haulage service provider will take care of all this instead.

3) On-time delivery to customers

By outsourcing heavy haulage to a reliable logistics company, you’ll be far more worry-free about on-time delivery to your customers. Hiring a 3PL company will help you get rid of the shipping headache and manage the responsibility to deliver things like heavy machinery on time.

4) You can focus on your core business

It’s a fact that it’s a serious challenge to match the same kind of expertise that third-party logistics possess when it comes to managing transportation. After all, it’s their core business and is what they do day-in, day-out.

When you outsource the hassles of logistics to a reputable company like HJ Logistics, you’ll get enough time to focus on your core business operations, such as product development, sales, customer service, etc. Also, managing logistics is a complex operation that includes things like close monitoring and real-time action, all of which will eat into your working day. Outsourcing your logistics will take care of these issues, thus freeing up more of your valuable time.

5) Handover driver management issues

Recruiting reliable and skilled drivers for heavy haulage is a critical responsibility and it goes without saying that you need to find qualified, reliable and experienced drivers for the job. You’ll also need to conduct training, deal with background verification, checking previous work records, and so on – Not to mention all the unforeseen problems such as drivers calling in sick and other dramas such as a driver calling you to tell you that they had a road accident or damaged a valuable shipment.

On top of all that, you’ll still have to pay reasonably good salaries to retain drivers to stay ahead of the competition which, of course, will add to your business overheads.

Thankfully though, by outsourcing the task of heavy haulage, you can hand over all these issues, problems and additional expenses to your logistics service provider.

6) Slow business times or off-season issues

Off-seasons or dipping sales can lead to lower revenues. To move your items, you either have to wait for more orders to fill up the trucks or incur additional shipping costs. This could drive your customers away due to delivery latency. It can end up being seriously expensive to maintain a fleet of HGVs (or even just one) that are just sitting there idle for large parts of the year.

7) Ramp up or down your logistics based on your business

Companies that run business operations in volatile industries need an external logistics partner that can be flexible based on their individual business situation. For example, if trade dips in certain seasons or you lose one of your main customers and need to put a brake on transportation, you can easily do so.

Similarly, when things get better, you can quickly scale up your business transportation needs if you use an external logistics company to deliver your loads.

8) Adhering to complex rules and regulations

Transporting heavy machinery over long or short distances involves complying with a plethora of legal rules and regulations when the trucks are on the road. If you outsource heavy haulage to a third-party logistics company, it’ll already be familiar with all the rules and haulage requirements that need to be adhered to. If they’re reputable like us, they’ll already have all the necessary specialist insurances in place.

9) Driving competence, both in and out of the vehicle

In some respects, this point is perhaps the most oft-overlooked. Whilst all HGV drivers will have passed the necessary tests that are required to get behind the wheel, when it comes to dealing with unusual loads such as a large excavator or a wheeled loader, this is where experience comes into its own.

Many of the larger loads we carry are either excessively, wide, high, long or just plain unusual and it takes years of experience to know the best way to handle these. In fact, some of our clients specifically choose us simply because we have a better understanding of how to load, secure transport and then unload their freight.

Final thoughts

Heavy haulage is a tricky business and you need a detailed understanding of all aspects of the business which is why outsourcing heavy haulage an take the burden off your shoulders and your business.

So, if you need a heavy haulage service anywhere in the southeast of the UK, HJ Logistics are a perfect choice. We have over 30 years of experience in logistics and provide a range of transportation services, including heavy plant & machinery, excavators, HIAB cranes, and boats. Why no get a quote or discuss your needs with us today?

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