Although much of our HIAB crane work is centered around the building and construction industry, we’re also able to carry out slightly more unusual tasks such as lifting and transporting boats to their new destinations. On this occasion, we were contracted to move a Mk1 Mirage 28 named ‘Serenity’ from one location to another. Our client Paul was an absolute delight to work with and has made a fantastic YouTube video documenting the move.

About Serenity and the move

The aptly named Serenity is a Mirage 28 Fin Keel Mk.1; she’s 28ft long (22ft in the water), 9ft 3 inches wide and weighs in at 3.5 tonnes and she needed to be moved from Iron Boat Yard in Faversham. Paul had owned her for 4 years and had already spent 2 years living onboard. About 2 years ago he decided to take a couple of months off work to sail her from Watchet in Somerset around Land’s End and along the South Coast to Faversham in Kent. He loved the journey and had firmly decided to keep Serenity as she’d proven herself to be ‘voyage ready’.

As Paul still wanted to carry out extensive work on his boat, he came to the decision to move her closer to him so that he could spend more time working on her without having to commute to and from Faversham each time. In order to get Serenity to her new home, Paul knew he’d need to choose a company that was capable of performing such a delicate and tricky task and that’s where HJ Logistics enter the story.

The boat's cradle on our HIAB truck

Paul already owned a cradle that he’d overhauled in order to rest Serenity on during her time on land so we picked up the cradle and transported it to Iron Boat Yard. As you can see in the video, it was necessary to find the boat’s centre of gravity so that it was well balanced for the lift. Once we were confident that she was perfectly balanced, Serenity and her cradle were lifted by our HIAB X-HiPro 418 crane onto the rear of our truck ready for her journey through Kent.

As Paul notes in the video, the route leaving the boatyard was quite tight in places but as we’re used to working in confined spaces with limited clearance on either side, this wasn’t a problem. He also correctly points out that it’s crucial to establish the exact height of any load travelling on the road network to ensure that it will pass under any bridges en route without incident.

Serenity ready for transport

Special thanks

Once we arrived at our destination, both Serenity and her cradle were carefully lifted off our truck and delicately placed on the ground so that Paul could begin carrying out the work on her more easily. If you’d like to keep up to date with Paul and his work, he has an entertaining and informative Youtube channel that’s updated monthly called “Just About Sailing” which documents the realisation of his dream of owning his own boat.

We’re thrilled that Paul made the video showing Serenity’s move and we hope that he gets the work done quickly so that he can spend less time dealing with epoxy resin and fibreglass, and more time watching the sun set below the horizon on the open seas!


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